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Behavior Expectations and Discipline Policy:

PS29 Plus is committed to providing a safe, positive, and structured environment for all children in the after-school program. To make the most out of their time spent after school, we need all students to follow appropriate behavior from the first day. This allows us to maintain the quality and safety of every activity for all of our participating students. 


Please review the following general rules and disciplinary consequences that will guide the program. It is imperative that both students and parents understand the expectations of the program as well as the potential consequences. We ask that you discuss the information listed below with your child. We appreciate your efforts and thank you for continued support in making appropriate behavior a priority for all children.


General rules: 

1. Students should show respect to their counselors, course instructors and peers at all times and always use respectful language when addressing them. Following instructions set forth by after-school counselors, course instructors and administrators is a must. 


2. No disruptive behavior, including hitting, kicking, punching, play fighting and/or fighting, violence of any kind, or inappropriate language is tolerated in the after school.


3. Pre-K and Kindergarten students must be toilet trained to attend the afterschool program. Repeating toilet accidents may be a sign that our program is not the right fit for your child’s after school needs. Please keep in mind that teachers, admins, counselors can NOT help with any type of bathroom issues, as they are not even allowed in the student restrooms.


4. Students should pay strict attention to responsible care of school property and equipment. Littering is not tolerated. Every student is expected to clean up after themselves, and appropriately dispose of their trash. 


5. There are no devices allowed for use during after-school hours, unless specifically approved by the Director for homework purposes. 4th and 5th graders may use their devices for recreational purposes on Fridays only, at the sole discretion of the Director. We will not be responsible for loss/damage to personal property brought to after school. 


6. Children should stay at their assigned area and move appropriately inside the building during after-school hours. Playing or loitering in the restrooms are not permitted. Use of classrooms/areas that are not reserved for afterschool usage is strictly prohibited. Please keep in mind that the adult supervision is limited to our operational areas. Your child won’t be allowed to use the library independently, or visit their classroom to pick up stuff unless permitted and/or accompanied by a school admin, teacher, staff or security. 


7. In the event of failure to comply with rules set forth above, an incident report will be prepared by the counselor or program supervisor and shared with the student’s family. Repetitive incident reports, and consistent inability to comply with behavioral expectations and policies may result in suspension or even withdrawal from the program, at the discretion of the PS29+ management.

Medical Conditions

Please fill in the medical details for your child in the parent portal, if your child has SEVERE allergies. Also pack any necessary medications including EpiPen with him/her, as we don’t store any kinds of drugs/treatments in our office.


We are very fortunate to have our school nurse on site until 6:00pm everyday. Nurse Pam can give routine treatment (cleaning, bandaging, and ice-packs) in the event of minor injuries. Injuries other than minor scrapes and bruises will be reported to you by phone immediately. If the office is unable to reach a parent or emergency contact, we will let you know in person at dismissal time. If your child has a fever, or has symptoms of any type of flu, we will call you right away and ask for an immediate pick-up.


Please also note that IEPs are not part of after-school programs. Although we try our best to accommodate your child in Kids Club, we are not geared up for kids with special needs. If your child has a paraprofessional at school hours, it is compulsory and will totally be at your responsibility to arrange a paraprofessional during after school hours as well. Additionally, if your child is experiencing sensory sensitivity issues, our afterschool program may not be the right environment at all for your child’s afterschool needs.

Dismissal Policy:

Parents and all authorized caregivers must be noted in your family account and will be asked to sign-out before collecting child(ren). Email or phone is the best way to reach us for last minute updates.  Email us at or call 917-412-0054. Early session dismissal is at 4:20pm. Courses are dismissed by the class instructor from the schoolyard Baltic Side, and Kids Club is dismissed by counselors from the schoolyard Kane Side in all weather. Children must be picked up promptly. If you would like to pick-up your child before or after 4:20pm, you should sign out first from the pick-up desk at the front entrance (Baltic Side Outer Cafeteria) with Ms. Colon.​

No Re-Entry Policy:

We do not have a re-entry procedure at PS29+.  If your child is picked up during the school day for a doctors appointment (for example) they are not allowed re-entrance to the Kids Club or Courses programs.  This is for the safety of the children.  Additionally, if your child is enrolled in a Late Session course (4:30-5:30) they MUST be enrolled in the Early session of Kids Club.  We will escort the children from Kids Club to their course at 4:30.

Self-Dismissal for 4th & 5th Graders

We understand that some families would like their children to walk home unescorted from our afterschool program. It is our policy that only students in 4th and 5th grade are allowed to self-dismiss from the afterschool program, and only if permission from the parent/guardian is on file with us. If you authorize your child to self-dismiss, please make sure you fill in our SELF DISMISSAL CONSENT & RELEASE FORM. 4th and 5th graders who have written permission to be self-dismissed will be dismissed through the front doors or schoolyard at dismissal hours.

If someone other than the parent, guardian, or other individual listed as authorized on your registration form will be picking up your child, please provide us with notice of the name of the individual who is authorized to pick up your child, and the date(s) for which this authorization is valid. We require that each child be signed out every day.    

Pick up Hours

Pick up is at 4:20 pm or 6:00 pm sharp (based on your child's enrollment schedule). Late pickups will incur a fee, per the schedule below, which will be added to your next bill. Late fees are per family, not per child. Please call us if you are running late so that we can make arrangements 917-412-0054.


​Late Pickup Fees:

4:21- 4:25 / 6:01– 6:05pm grace period

4:26- 4:30 / 6:06– 6:10pm $10

4:31- 4:40 / 6:11– 6:20pm $20

After 6:21 $25

Any child picked up after 6:20 pm on more than two (2) occasions will no longer be able to participate in the PS29+ After School program.


A snack is provided by the Afterschool Program on each day, but if your child has any food allergies or dietary restrictions, we ask you to pack him/her a snack from home. While we aim to distribute healthy snacks, we cannot guarantee that they are gluten- and/or nut-free.


Lost & Found

Please label ALL of your child’s belongings. You can always check the lost and found bins near the front desk for any missing belongings. We are not responsible for the loss, breakage, damage, or theft of personal property, including, but not limited to, electronics and musical instruments.

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