FALL '22 Session: September 8 - December 23

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All pricing shown above are based on the first child in each family and do not reflect sibling discounts.

Sibling Discount:

Kids Club, EKC and Camp fees apply to the first child in each family.

Siblings will receive a 20% discount.

There is no sibling discount on Courses.

​Late Pickup Fees:

4:21- 4:25 / 6:01– 6:05pm grace period

4:26- 4:30 / 6:06– 6:10pm $10

4:31- 4:40 / 6:11– 6:20pm $20

After 6:21 $25

​EKC (Emergency Kids Club) Fees:

  • EKC fees for registered families are $19 per session (early or late) and will be posted to your account.​

  • For families who choose not to register an account on the Parent Portal, EKC fees are $24 per session (early or late). Guest fees are due at pick up and must be paid by cash or check. We cannot accept credit cards.

Payment Methods & Billing Schedule

A credit card or bank draft information is required for registration and must be maintained on all PS29+ accounts. If you cannot pay with one of these methods, please contact to arrange an alternative payment method. 

Billing Dates Fall 2022:

September 15 - Kids Club ONLY is billed

October 15 - Kids Club & Courses are billed

November 15 - Kids Club & Courses are billed

December 15 - Kids Club & Courses are billed

*Course and Kids Club Fees are the same for each installment, regardless of the number of active days in that month or your child's attendance. The total session fee is divided into equal monthly installments for ease of billing*

Withdrawals / Drop Fees / Refunds:

  • Lottery open Aug 29 - Sept 11

  • Lottery results uploaded to Parent Portal - Sept 16th

  • "Free" Drop period Sept 16 - 23

  • 50% Drop fee in effect Sept 24 - Oct 1

  • No Refunds after Oct 2nd

  • Courses begin Oct 3rd

Kids Club Schedule Changes: 

For Kids Club, we request that you honor your enrollment registration for the trimester.  If you need to change your enrollment please email us at to request a change.  We DO NOT allow Make-Ups for missed sessions of Kids Club.  If you have to miss a session one week, it is NOT TRANSFERABLE to another session as a make-up.  We have low-cost Emergency Kids Club available for $19 if you need to add a session.  Please enroll in the Parent Portal under Events.

If you would like to drop days in your monthly Kids Club schedule, this can be done at any time, and the billing change will go into effect the first day of the following month. We cannot prorate fees in any given month.

If you would like to add days to your monthly Kids Club schedule, this can be done at any time, by using Emergency Kids Club for the remainder of the current month. You can then add additional Kids Club scheduling for the following month and the billing change will go into effect the first day of the following month. 

Covid-19 Billing Policies:

  • PS29+ understands that due to Covid-19, families may require more flexibility in our billing policies.  In order to maintain our program integrity, we have made the following amendments to our existing policies.  PS29+ will remain open as long as the DOE keeps PS29 school open.

  • If school is closed due to high numbers of Covid-19 cases, courses that can moved online will continue and you will continue to be billed.  If the course can't be taught online, we will suspend payment. For Kids Club/Camps, we will suspend payment. 

  • If your child has to quarantine, but school is still open, you will continue to be responsible for payments for courses and Kids Club.

  • *Any other refunds and/or credits are at the discretion of the PTA After School Committee*


Late Payments:

Families with declined cards or bank drafts will be notified via email and must update their accounts immediately. Accounts that are declined a second time will be charged a $35 late payment fee.

Financial Aid:   

All applications are confidential.

To apply for financial assistance for Courses, Kids Club or Camp, fill out this application or contact Marie directly at 

If you are applying for financial assistance for Courses, complete the Course Lottery pre-registration and select your preferred Courses. If aid is approved, you will be notified and it will be applied toward a confirmed Course. If aid is not approved and you need to drop the course, we will waive the drop fee. We offer up to 2 teacher-led courses and/or full time Kids Club for financial aid awards. Generally, we do not offer Financial Aid for vendor-led courses. Exceptions are sometimes made on a case-by-case basis.

Snow Days/Cancelled Courses:

In the event of a DOE announced cancellation due to inclement weather, After School programming will also be canceled.

If a Course date is canceled due to inclement weather, by PS29 Plus or a vendor, we will schedule a makeup date for the course wherever possible. In the event that we are unable to schedule a makeup date, we will issue a refund for that date. If a makeup date is scheduled and your child is not able to attend, you will not receive a refund or credit.