Spring 2020 Session first day: Monday, Feb 24

Parent-Teacher Conferences are on Thursday, March 5. 


That whole week, Monday March 2- Friday March 6, our access to classrooms to run courses is limited, as teachers prepare for their conferences.

There are no courses running the whole week- all kids that are registered for Spring courses will be brought to their course table in the cafeteria as normal, but they will join Kids Club activities instead. We will not be charging for this alternate Kids Club participation.

If you plan to pick up your child at dismissal instead of sending them to Kids Club activities, please let both their teacher and us know ( as early as possible so that we can create correct rosters. 

Parent-Teacher Half Day Camp will be available on Thursday March 5 from 11:50am (dismissal) to 2:50pm and is available for all PS29 students. Space is limited.

Kids will eat lunch right before or right after dismissal. Fee is $35 per child, siblings receive a 25% discount.

Extended coverage until 4:20 or 6pm is available at no extra charge.

You need to register for this Camp, along with whatever pick up time you need that day.

This is NOT a Kids Club day, as there is no regular after school


Courses are NOT in session this day and was figured into the pricing. It is NOT a missed day. Register here


Spring Session Kids Club and Courses will run Monday, February 24 thru Friday, May 29

JUNE ONLY Kids Club will run Monday June 1 thru Friday June 26


Fri, Jan 24- Sun Feb 9: Direct registration through the Parent Portal on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’ for any Courses with remaining seats.


For more information, email us at

Dropping Courses & Refund Policy- email us at


  • Courses must be dropped by Sunday, February 9 at midnight (two weeks before courses start)  in order to not be charged for the course.

  • Courses dropped between Monday, Feb 10 and Sunday, March 1 will incur a 50% course drop fee.

  • Courses dropped on/after Monday, March 2 are not entitled to any discount.

After School Courses

We offer a wide range of enrichment courses for PreK–5th Graders, taught by PS29 teachers and professional partners, covering a variety of interests. 

Courses are held from 2:50 – 4:20 pm and 4:30pm- 5:50pm and will run for 11-12 weeks, as indicated in the Course Catalog,


PreK and K students are brought in by their teachers or classroom assistants at dismissal and dropped at the correct course table.

Grades 1-5  are dropped off in the cafeteria directly from their classroom. The cafeteria tables have signs on them for each course that is offered that day and kids will locate their course table.

All kids have a snack (varies by day) and at 3pm the course instructors will bring the kids to the room that their course is in.

At 4:20, all kids that are enrolled in courses are brought to the Outer Cafeteria on the Kane Street side where they are dismissed directly to family or the assigned 'picker-upper'' OR to the cafeteria to join Kids Club if they are in Late Kids Club or a Late Course. 

At 6:00, all kids that are enrolled in courses are brought to the Outer Cafeteria on the Kane Street side where they are dismissed directly to family or the assigned 'picker-upper'.