Fall 2021

Kids Club Registration- Check Back for Updates

Kids Club is a scheduled and supervised aftercare program for PreK – 5th Graders that includes a snack, active play, enrichment activities, and games. Homework help and a Quiet Table are available for everyone. Kids do all activities with their grade and assigned staff.


Available 1-5 days a week, in two sessions each day, Early 2:50 – 4:20pm and Late 4:20 – 6:00pm. 

You can register your child for just the Early or just the Late, or both Early & Late sessions of Kids Club and you can combine Kids Club and Course registrations to create the child care coverage that you need.


PreK and K students are brought in by their teachers or classroom assistants at dismissal and dropped at the correct grade table.

Grades 1-5  are dropped off in the cafeteria directly from their classroom. 

All kids have a snack (varies by day) and at 3pm the Kids Club activities begin.

All kids that are enrolled in KC can be signed out at either the front Security Desk or inside the doors leading to the Baltic Street Outer Cafeteria with Ms. Colon.









KIDS CLUB Pricing:



Fees are the same for each month or each session, regardless of the number of active days in that month. Monthly fees do not reflect sibling or pay-in-full discounts.


For Monthly families, there will be four Kids Club payments: October, November, December, January + half of February.

For Pay In Full families, all Kids Club fees (except camp and EKC) for the entire term will be posted and charged in October (Fall) and April (Spring).

New to the program? Create an account HERE.

Already have an account? Log in and enroll through the Parent Portal.

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