2020-2021 school year

Behavior Policy:

Please take the time to remind your child that After School is a place for all to have fun and that those children who treat others, whether staff or another child, in a way that the senior staff deems disrespectful or otherwise inappropriate, will be suspended or even withdrawn from the program if the problems persist. Drugs, alcohol, and weapons are absolutely prohibited. Personal property should be left at home. We will not be responsible for loss/damage to personal property brought to After School. 

I understand that my child is expected to behave responsibly and to follow all applicable school policies, including the school's discipline code. I understand that students who violate the school's policies, including the school's discipline code, may be excluded from the After School Program. While we are committed to ensuring that every child is able to enjoy and benefit from our programs, all participants and families must be committed to constructive participation and appropriate behavior, and be willing to abide by the guidelines established by the program. While we endeavor to serve all children enrolled in our program, some children may currently have behaviors that preclude them from participating,

As a parent I understand that I am expected to help my child understand and follow these guidelines;

• There are no devices allowed for use during after school hours, unless specifically approved by the Director;
• I will be notified if my child's behavior undermines his or her ability, or the ability of other children, to enjoy, benefit from and participate safely in the program;
• If an issue of behavior arises, I will be expected to collaborate with the staff on a strategy to address the problem;
• If my child's behavior continues to undermine his or her ability, or the ability of other children, to enjoy, benefit from and participate safely in the program, his or her participation in the program may be suspended temporarily or permanently;
• Temporary suspension and/or permanent dismissal from the program are at the discretion of the PS29+ management.

Payment Methods & Billing Schedule

A credit card is required for registration and must be maintained on all PS29+ accounts. If you cannot pay with one of these methods, please contact to arrange an alternative payment method.


For the Winter 2020 Session, Courses will be billed in 4 monthly installments on Nov 30th, Dec 15th, Jan 15th & Feb 15th.  Fees are posted to your parent portal account at least 3 days in advance for your review.

*Course fees are the same for each installment, regardless of the number of active days in that month or your child's attendance. The total session fee is divided into equal monthly installments for ease of billing*

Late Payments:

Families with declined cards or bank drafts will be notified via email and must update their accounts immediately. Accounts that are declined a second time will be charged a $35 late payment fee.


For families with special permission to pay by cash or check, payments are due in the PTA office by 5pm two business days after fees are posted. If not received by this date, a $35 late payment fee will be charged.

Sibling Discount:

There is no sibling discount on Courses.

Financial Aid:   All applications are confidential.

To apply for financial assistance for Courses, Kids Club or Camp, fill out this application or contact PS29 PTA AT

If you are applying for financial assistance for Courses, complete the Course Lottery pre-registration and select your preferred Courses. If aid is approved, you will be notified and it will be applied toward a confirmed Course. If aid is not approved and you need to drop the course, we will waive the drop fee. We offer up to 2 teacher-led courses and/or full time Kids Club for financial aid awards. Generally, we do not offer Financial Aid for vendor-led courses. Exceptions are sometimes made on a case-by-case basis.

Withdrawals / Drop Fees / Refunds:


On November 24th, course registrations will be finalized.


  • Course drop requests will be handled on a case by case basis and will need to be emailed to for consideration before November 30th, 2020.  

  • Courses dropped between Monday, November 30th and Sunday, December 13 will incur a 50% course drop fee.

  • Courses dropped on/after Monday, December 14 are not entitled to any discount.

*Any other refunds and/or credits are at the discretion of the PTA After School Committee*

In the event of a financial hardship, please refer to the policy section on Financial Aid.

Snow Days/Cancelled Courses:

In the event of a DOE announced cancellation due to inclement weather, After School programming will also be canceled.

If a Course date is canceled due to inclement weather, by PS29 Plus or a vendor, we will schedule a makeup date for the course wherever possible. In the event that we are unable to schedule a makeup date, we will issue a refund for that date. If a makeup date is scheduled and your child is not able to attend, you will not receive a refund or credit.