Join us for fun-filled camp days during the school year.

Camp programming is offered by PS29 teachers and staff, on many school holidays.

The main camp day is 8:30am-2:50pm (unless noted otherwise). Extended day is available until 4:20 or 6pm.

Siblings receive a 20% discount.

Parent-Teacher Half Day Camp will be available on Thursday March 5 from 11:50am (dismissal) to 2:50pm and is available for all PS29 students. Space is limited.

Kids will eat lunch right before or right after dismissal. Fee is $35 per child, siblings receive a 25% discount.

Extended coverage until 4:20 or 6pm is available at no extra charge.

You need to register for this Camp, along with whatever pick up time you need that day.

This is NOT a Kids Club day, as there is no regular after school


Courses are NOT in session this day and was figured into the pricing. It is NOT a missed day. Register here


Parent Teacher ½ day Camp

11:50-2:50 $35

11:50-4:20 no extra charge

11:50-6 no extra charge

Register here


Spring Recess

8:50-2:50 $100

2:50-4:20 no extra charge

2:50-6 no extra charge

Thursday, April 9

Friday, April 10

Monday, April 13

Tuesday, April 14

Wednesday, April 15

Thursday, April 16

Friday, April 17

Register here

24-hour cancellation notice must be emailed to to request a refund.

Less than 24 hour notice, no refunds will be given.​